Scott Wertel posted on May 16, 2014 | 13985 views

I have recently become aware of a website where professional tools have been aligned with the maker space.  This website, by The MathWorks, Inc., has created a space for makers to use Matlab and Simulink to tie into hardware such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LEGO Mindstorms.

Created with the community in mind, MAKERZONE offers members inspiration and learning tools to utilize Simulink with the above mentioned hardware.  There are projects to get you started and competitions to keep you interested.  Don't want to take the time to learn it yourself, then try searching Matlab Central to see if another user has shared the project with the community.

For individuals that don't have a professional copy of Matlab and Simulink already, a personal home-use copy of Matlab can be purchased for $140.  Simulink costs extra (about $45 for each add-on necessary for hardware control).  Educators and students have other pricing options.

If you are looking for clever ways to expand the functionality of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or LEGO Mindstorms, take a look at Matlab and Simulink.

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