Lagoa v2x
Scott Wertel posted on April 24, 2014 |

Who needs annual release cycles?  Desktop software applications, maybe, but not cloud apps.  One of the distinct benefits of pure cloud-based applications is that they are constantly updating.  Lagoa is one such application.

Released in early March, Lagoa v2x enhances the already fabulous renderer.  Existing users don't have to do anything to update.  New users don't have to do anything to update.  Both users will realize the benefits and convenience of additional features that took absolutely zero IT resources to roll out.

Lagoa v2x comes only 4 months after its prior update.  Features include:

  • A new asset library.
  • A new watermark option.
  • A new level-of-detail setting.
  • Permalinking
  • More efficient workflow.
  • More reliable functions.
  • And an enhanced API.

Lagoa is still free for makers and only $50/month for individual users, the difference being the amount of storage and render time.  Enterprise customers need to call for pricing.

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