Origin: Proliferating Our Love-Hate Relationship with Spreadsheets
Scott Wertel posted on April 22, 2014 |

Let's face reality.  We, the design and engineering community, know that spreadsheets are not the best tool for the job.  We know we should be using specialty software for mathematical computations, but we don't.  We rely on the trusty spreadsheet.  So what would happen if you could still fall back on the ole workhorse but give it some extra horsepower?

OriginLab: Origin

If this example chart, from OriginLab's gallery, doesn't make your mouth drool then maybe data analysis isn't your thing.  But for everyone else, you can't deny that your average spreadsheet program can't do this and neither can your specialty computation solver.

Origin is a tool focused on the scientist and engineer user.  It contains over 100 built-in graph types that can be customized to create publication quality graphs.  Powerful data analysis tools mean that Origin can take over the role of some other computational programs (although the Pro version may be required to access some data analysis features) while still in the familiar spreadsheet-like interface.  With templates, themes, custom reports, and a programming language, Origin can handle many difficult graphing and charting tasks.  The analysis and results can be easily organized within the Origin Project File.

With pricing around $1,000 for Origin and less than $2000 for OriginPro, with student pricing available, OriginLab provides a comparable product relative to other mathematical tools.  If you can't live without your spreadsheets but need more functionality than what an office program provides, take a look at Origin from OriginLab.

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