Latest HyperWorks Release to be Showcased at Aerospace Expo
Shawn Wasserman posted on April 08, 2014 |
Aircraft Interiors Expo to demonstrate latest HyperWorks innovations.

Today, Altair will showcase the latest version of HyperWorks at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. The CAE software has the ability to assist aircraft design throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Using the latest version of Hyperworks, engineers can include composite materials in their designs. They can also perform simulations and optimizations of weight, stress, vulnerability, acoustics and vibrations. They can even simulate a bird-strike. With these functions, designers can ensure less fuel consumption as well as increased comfort and safety.

Shan Nageswaran, Senior Director at Altair said, “While composites are a major focal point for HyperWorks and the aviation industry, our product suite offers much more … From automated meshing to groundbreaking optimization tools and a wide range of easily accessed partner applications, HyperWorks is helping the aerospace industry reach new heights in time efficiency, cost reduction and quality improvement all while meeting the strictest safety and performance requirements.”

Using Hypermesh, composite data is mapped from the CAD model using ply shapes instead of traditional zone approaches. This method should match the physical conditions of composites better; however, if the solver is unable to use ply shapes then HyperMesh can convert them into zones.

HyperMesh is also able to organize your geometry for meshing automatically. This will save time, particularly for aerospace users where new tools are targeted specifically at the industry.

HyperView, on the other hand, allows engineers to post-process the simulation as individual layers or as an aggregation. Standards such as failure theories and in-house code can also be used in HyperView.

Finally, HyperWorks has access to nine separate tools (through the APA) to analyze, design and optimize composites. One in-house example is OptiStruct, a non-linear solver for ply-based model dimensioning and topology optimization.

The question is, will travel companies reduce luggage fees thanks to the increased fuel efficiency? Somehow, I doubt it.

Source Altair.

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