Verify Translated Data with KeyCreator Compare
Scott Wertel posted on February 26, 2014 | 5290 views

The path to Model Based Design (MBD) includes translating native CAD data to neutral file formats.  Any time a translation step is included in the process, there is potential for error.  If a manufacturer or artisan were to produce parts to the translated data, and the part inspected to the translated data, there is the possibility that the part will be accepted but not meet the original design specifications.

To avoid this potential situation, any MBD workflow must include a verification step that compares the translated file with the original.  Today, I introduce you to one software that makes that possible, Kubotek's KeyCreator Compare.

KeyCreator Compare works by opening the original file (from a variety of native CAD formats) and the translated file (from the same list of supported file formats).  Then the magic happens resulting in a graphical display of any differences to the model.  For assemblies, part instances are also compared.

KeyCreator Compare is just one of many tools you can use to progress to MBD.

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