Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance for Vestas Wind Turbines
Shawn Wasserman posted on February 20, 2014 |
Sigmetrix provides the tolerance analysis for Vestas Wind Systems

Vestas Wind Systems’ goal is to provide the cheapest, most reliable wind turbines in the world. Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is an important step to ensure these robust designs.

To perform their GD&T, Vestas has chosen Sigmetrix’ CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor software. Sigmetrix produces tolerance analysis software which helps engineers bring their designs to the manufacturing stage of development.

Third party wind turbine expert Dr. David Lubitz (University of Guelph) explains that, "wind turbines are complex, sophisticated machines, and many of the challenges in design and manufacture are shared with things like airliners and other aerospace systems. Minimum weight and high reliability are both required, at the lowest cost possible, so design and manufacturing must be very precise. Accurate tolerancing is an essential part of that process."

Essentially, the software ensures that the design for drawing assemblies is within acceptable variances when produced as a physical product. To do this, the software calculates and optimizes the design’s surface sensitivities needed for quality dimensioning and assemblies.

“CETOL 6 Sigma is the dominant solution for variation analysis in many industries,” said Sigmetrix President Chris Wilkes. “We’re excited to be incorporated into Vestas’ quality enhancement program and look forward to our involvement in the planning and manufacturing of their green energy solution products.”

Vestas provides wind energy to 73 countries globally. They have installed over 60GW worth of turbines in total; 62% more than their nearest competitor.

According to Vestas VP Carl Erik Skjølstrup, “As a leader in wind turbine manufacturing, robustness and quality is of the outmost [sic] importance to us and vital to the industry as the demand for more cost effective, reliable, green sources of energy continues to increase … CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor will play an integral part in improving our design robustness and the quality of wind energy solutions as well as optimizing our design and manufacturing goals.”

Source: Sigmetrix

Reference: Dr. William David Lubitz, University of Guelph

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