SolidWorks Materials Web Portal Launch
Shawn Wasserman posted on January 27, 2014 |

Last week, SolidWorks and Matereality announced the release of a new SolidWorks Materials Web Portal. The purpose of the cloud-based portal is to make a traceable material database available to SolidWorks users.

Matereality is known in the product design and manufacturing communities for their public cloud material databases. Users can use the web-based software for parameter conversion, trend visualization and building a database of their own. Their customers are found in various industries including appliance, biomedical, aerospace, electronics, consumer products and suppliers of materials.

Matereality’s CAE Modeler software connects their constantly expanding Global Data Center to SolidWorks Simulation. The database is compatible for linear/non-linear materials and more complicated materials involving fatigue curves, viscoelastic data and hyperelastic properties. The database also supplies users with data certificates for traceability. Users can edit the model for simulation optimization, add/delete material data points or download data as they need it.

According to SolidWorks’ Development Director, Vajrang Parvate, "Matereality has had a proven relationship with SolidWorks where it has helped to validate and maintain SolidWorks' internal material databases for many years now. SolidWorks chose Matereality as its partner in this because of the domain expertise of the DatapointLabs-Matereality group in the science of materials for CAE, which allows SolidWorks to continue to focus on its CAD/CAE core."

Despite the database included with SolidWorks programs, the constant expansion of material properties with current technology requires a larger, expandable database. The long-term goal is to have all materials that can be simulated by SolidWorks Simulation available in the SolidWorks Materials Web Portal. Currently, plastic suppliers Invista and Ticona have included their data in the database, and more is on the way.

Source Matereality

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