EDN Bestows FloTHERM XT with Double Honors in 2013
Shawn Wasserman posted on December 31, 2013 |

Mentor Graphics recently announced that FloTHERM XT made it onto EDN Magazine’s Hot 100 Electronics Products for 2013. Furthermore, the software won the EDN China Innovation Award for Best Product in the category of development tool/software.

Every year, the editors of EDN judge the electronic industry’s products for practicality, innovation, importance and popularity. In the electronic design automation (EDA) and IP category, FloTHERM XT was one of seven products listed.

Additionally, EDN’s China Innovation Award represents one of the highest regarded electronics design competitions in the region. Of the 144 products that entered the competition, FloTHERM XT was listed in the top 20.

FloTHERM XT is designed to simulate the thermal output of an electronic device over the whole PLM of the system.  The program integrates EDA and mechanical design automation (MDA) to consolidated design and data.

“We’re proud that our FloTHERM XT product received this recognition from EDN” said FloTHERM XT’s product manager Ian Clark, “since our technology addresses a real need for today’s advanced electronic designs … The combination of increasing power consumption and higher device density in electronic products now requires detailed thermal analysis, and FloTHERM XT provides a solution to this problem.”

Given the dangers to life, limb, and data involved with electronics overheating, electronic thermal simulations are an important part of the design stage. FloTHERM XT can go a long way to help correct these issues before they get to the manufacturing stage, let alone a home outlet.

Sources Mentor Graphics & EDN Magazine

Image courtesy of Mentor Graphics

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