JMAG’s Electromagnetic Analysis Joins the HyperWorks APA
Shawn Wasserman posted on December 27, 2013 |
JSOL and Altair partner to provide a better multi-physics experience.

Earlier this month, Altair Partner Alliance (APA) announced the addition of JSOL’s electromagnetic analysis solution JMAG to their HyperWorks suite. This addition is expected to further improve the multi-physics experience of the HyperWorks software.

JSOL’s Takashi Yamada, Manager of the Electromagnetic Engineering Department, said “JSOL is very excited to have the opportunity to work with Altair through the Partner Alliance … We hope that together we can introduce JMAG's technology to Altair's customers and expand the electromagnetic analysis capabilities of the program."

JMAG is able to analyze the electromagnetic workings of a machine, based on geometry and material, in order to improve production. This addition should therefore be a welcome sight to the home appliance, computer hardware, automation, electric power and automotive industries. 

“I am very pleased that JSOL decided to enter the APA with the JMAG product … The emphasis of the JMAG development on accuracy and speed fits very well with the Altair solver development philosophy and brings a number of new multi-physics solutions to Altair customers,” said Altair’s Senior VP, Detlef Schneider.

It is their hope that this increased speed will provide users with the freedom to include more complex (and therefore more accurate) analysis.  

JMAG marks the latest addition of Altair’s unit-based licensing system. The set up allows for users to optimize their solution to their own needs by customizing access to various applications. This gave birth to the APA, a collection of third party contributors to a pool of applications available through HyperWorks. 

The applications are accessible through recyclable Hyperworks units, or leases. By purchasing these “floating” leases, the 55 current applications through HyperWorks are at the user’s fingertips. You choose the solutions you need as you need them; which seems like a great way for a small company to save a lot of money.

Source: Altair

Image courtesy of JMAG

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