ESI Visual-Environment 9.0 for Multi-Domain Simulation
Shawn Wasserman posted on December 23, 2013 |

Last week, ESI Group announced the release of the latest inception of their multi-domain simulation platform, Visual-Environment 9.0 (VE9).

VE9 is a gateway to most of ESI’s Virtual Prototyping solution and various third party technologies. With it, users can automate CAD/CAE pre- and post-processing, modeling, simulation, visualization, and reporting within an integrated environment.

This makes VE9 a contender for the simulation of product manufacturing and assembly. ESI boasts that VE9 is able to optimize your designs in multiple domains including safety, crash, CFD, energy, heat, throughput, and much more.

Axel Heym, Manager of Numerical Simulation Global Engineering at TAKATA AG, says that “visual-Environment’s wide range of functionalities across different solvers, implemented for pre- and post-processing applications, turn this software solution into an efficient and valuable tool within the development process of restraint systems and its components at TAKATA.”

VE9 has increased the manipulation performance and displays of their models exceeding 10 million elements. Additionally, the local database can automatically synchronize to your servers and work with ESI’s Decision Support System for more efficient design.

For those in the casting business, VE9’s visual-cast, a user environment dedicated to ESI’s ProCAST, will be of assistance to your design phase. VE9 will allow you to pre- and post-process, mesh, model, and setup your ProCAST model.

Other VE9 advancements include computational electromagnetics, OpenFOAM® for CFD analysis, composites, and even a seat comfort evaluation tool.

Image and source courtesy of ESI Group.

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