Mentor Graphics Purchases Oasys RealTime
Shawn Wasserman posted on December 20, 2013 |

Recently, Mentor Graphics acquired portions of Oasys Design Systems, Inc. creators of Oasys RealTime. RealTime is aimed to assist the design and increase the turnaround for System on Chips, Application-specific integrated circuits, and IP blocks.

The solution helps designers solve timing, area, power and routing issues in chip design. It also optimizes the design on a higher level of abstraction, which Oasys boasts will enable faster turnaround and an ability to synthesize the top level while maintaining correlation with physical design.

Former CTO of Oasys Design Systems, Paul van Besouw, said, “RealTime’s ability to handle large designs, unique RTL code placement approach, physical RTL synthesis and integrated floorplanning capabilities helps deliver the best quality of results and reduces the time to design closure. We are excited to be a part of Mentor Graphics and look forward to delivering the next-generation RTL synthesis solution to the market.”

Mentor Graphics’ general manager, Pravin Madhani, adds, “the Oasys team has done an exceptional job in developing an innovative synthesis platform that delivers compelling value at advanced nodes … Today, the Olympus-SoC netlist-to-GDSII solution is in active use at leading wireless, GPU, networking and set-top box design houses, and has been used to implement some of the largest and most complex SoCs in the industry. With this acquisition, Mentor will deliver a best-in-class RTL-to-GDSII digital implementation platform to our customers.”

Oasys is a privately held company and the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed to the public.

Image courtesy of Oasys RealTime

Source Mentor Graphics

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