Transfer Files Directly to GrabCAD - with IronCAD
Scott Wertel posted on December 17, 2013 | 4558 views

Some call it smart marketing and product placement.
Others call it extraordinary software development.
I call it one step closer to world domination as GrabCAD solves the data sharing problem inherent in the design and manufacturing space.

GrabCAD is cleverly positioning itself as the de-facto standard in CAD data sharing by developing integrations with nearly every CAD software, this time with IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite.  IronCAD users can directly transfer their files to the GrabCAD Library or Workbench project through a simple "Upload to GrabCAD" selection from within IronCAD.  The integration is available immediately for free to users of IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2014.

Others may be fooled by GrabCAD's ease-of-use and witty puns on world domination.  But I'm not fooled.  There is no better place to hide intentions than directly in front of the public eye.  GrabCAD clearly has solved the data sharing problem in the MCAD space.  What's next?  Solving the data interoperability problem?  That's a clearest path to world domination ever mapped out on a whiteboard.


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