Siemens NX 9 Debuts with Increased Productivity
Scott Wertel posted on October 22, 2013 |

There are not many design solutions as legendary as Siemens NX.  It's long history from EDS through UG and merging of I-deas has created a software application with a breadth and depth larger than most others in the design market.

With so much to offer, updates to the software contain enhancements and new features too numerous to cover in a single sitting, even when the update doesn't include a major revision to the user interface.  NX9 is no different.

But, there are always those key features that have the WOW! factor worth noting.

Realize Shape Technology

The Realize Shape Technology is a freeform design toolset with an integrated sub-D modeler.  Unique to NX is that Realize Shape is not an independent or external application that requires translation from sub-D to NURBS.  Users can create and edit a sub-D body then switch to standard parametric commands and create more geometry relative (including up-to extents) to the sub-D body.  This will reduce the necessity of users switching between NX and 3rd party sub-D applications.

Sync Tech for 2D

Synchronous Technology has advanced steadily in both NX and Solid Edge.  This latest advancement with NX applies similar "Live Rules" constraint management to 2D elements.  This allows for easier manipulation of 2D geometry especially on imported .dxf or .dwg files that don't have native geometric constraints applied. 

The ability to manipulate 2D sketches improves 3D editing as well.  Solid Edge has had "Dynamic Cross-Sections" for a while, where cutting a plane through geometry automatically creates the linked 2D sketch and the sketch can be edited instead of the 3D PMI.  Viewing and editing the 2D sketch is often easier than manipulating the geometry in 3D.  NX9 introduces the ability to edit 3D geometry by the use of cross-sections.


Fourth Generation Design technology is a new design and data management paradigm that improves massive assembly handling and in-context relations.  Many CAD users realize that creating and editing geometry is often not the long pole in the tent anymore - managing metadata, file properties, and files are.  4GD should ease the overhead in managing massive amounts of design data.

The tighter integration with PLM, mainly Teamcenter, through the Active Workspace Environment (2.0) is another area where NX9 excels at improving the productivity associated with data management.


Siemens NX includes integrated CAE (via FEMAP and NX Nastran) and CAM.  These areas have not been ignored in the NX9 update, even though they are not emphasized in this report.

Learn more about NX9 by visiting the sources listed below.



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