TurboCAD Mac Pro v7
Scott Wertel posted on September 25, 2013 |

Sometimes, the best improvements are those done under the hood.  No, I'm not referring to automobile engines, I'm referring to CAD.  In this case, TurboCAD.

Although the transition to CAD-on-the-cloud is more audible than most other news lately, there is still a significant number of users who remain firmly grounded.  Of those, a percentage are MAC users and not Windows users.  For far too long, the MAC users have been without a significant 3D mechanical design tool.  TurboCAD has filled that niche.

In one of its most significant upgrades to date, TurboCAD Mac Pro 7 has re-written a good portion of its code making the software more powerful "under the hood" with 64-bit capability.  Users and marketers alike may prefer more flashy whiz-bang features and enhancements to promote a new release, but many others realize the productivity-enhancing time-saving benefit of 64-bit software.  Higher memory allocation means less paging to disk and larger files.  This is good news and Mac Pro users can rejoice.




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