went off-line this morning
John Hayes posted on September 13, 2013 | 3648 views was off-line for about 40 minutes this morning between 10 – 11 EDT, with some effects lingering longer.  This outage impacted thousands of engineers at a time when they should be able to rely on us to deliver the information they count on. 

The outage was due to a connectivity problem that Amazon was experiencing for their cloud service on the U.S. east coast. 

No doubt this is causing issues for many Amazon customers this morning.  And while it has been years since the last Amazon cloud service outage has affected, this is not the first time. 

Like many publishers, we are dependent on cloud services to keep our site up and running.  On balance this has proven to be successful, allowing our visitors fast web access time and near 100% up-time.  But when it’s down, it’s out of our hands until the engineers at Amazon tell us all is OK again. 

When you read about engineering software developers moving their applications to the cloud, they are typically using services like Amazon’s.  If you start using cloud apps, expect the outages to be very rare.  But unfortunately, when they do happen they are unscheduled and very disruptive. 

Thanks for your patience.  We are now resuming regular operations.

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