Publish to GrabCAD Partnership with Keyshot
Scott Wertel posted on June 22, 2013 |
Luxion and GrabCAD announce a partnership that allows Keyshot files to be directly uploaded to the p...
Taking over the world one pretty picture at a time, GrabCAD and Keyshot have announced a partnership where renderings from Keyshot can be directly uploaded to GrabCAD and vice versa (functionality coming later in 2013).

Imagine the process. Searching GrabCAD for that perfect model to enhance your design, but it is flat shaded. Dang! But have no fear. That GrabCAD model can now be imported into Keyshot in a few keystrokes and BOOM! You have an amazing render ready for the big presentation.

These recent announcements and partnership by GrabCAD may seem like small potatoes, but when added together the total is greater than the sum of the parts. GrabCAD seems to not only have found its niche in the CAD cloud-space, but it is continually carving out a larger and larger area of productivity enhancements that will drive down costs in the design process.  I wonder if there will be more “Publish to GrabCAD” partnerships in the future.


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