GrabCAD Android App Released
Scott Wertel posted on June 20, 2013 |
GrabCAD has made another advancement towards world domination with the release of its Android app fo...
GrabCAD, the obsequious little startup about sharing CAD data on the cloud, has yet again made another advancement towards world domination.

Competing with cloud data sharing applications like Google Drive, MS Skydrive, Dropbox, and countless others, the industry had difficulty finding where a company like GrabCAD would find its niche and make good on all the venture funding invested into this startup. Beyond cloud data sharing, GrabCAD also competes against 3D model libraries like Cadenas, 3D Content Central, and even Alibre’s own site. How could this small Estonian company find a viable business model by depending on others to share intellectual property?

Bucking all odds, GrabCAD has taken another step in carving out its own niche. Besides its recent addition of GrabCAD Workbench - a team sharing subsite of GrabCAD - GrabCAD has created the ubiquitous any-device / any-time panacea of cloud computing by releasing its iOS app.  Take this one step further and what we have today is the equivalent Android app for the rest of us smartphone users.  (Windows phone users, where are you?)

Hop onto the Google Play Store and grab your download of GrabCAD today. Or continue reading the links below for more information about the app.


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