Creo 3.0 will work with non-native CAD files
John Hayes posted on June 12, 2013 |
Too bad the release date is in 2014

There was one big applause line during the Creo 3.0 announcements at PTC Live Global, and that was the introduction of interoperability between Creo and the other major CAD systems. 

The live demo showed a native Solidworks assembly being opened in Creo, modified using direct modeling, and then saved again as a Solidworks file.  The file could also be converted into Creo 3.0 for more sophisticated model changes (not demonstrated), but that path will be a one-way trip into Creo. 

Nonetheless, this was enough of a solution to one of the industry’s biggest pain points that it elicited spontaneous cheering.

There were other helpful improvements to come in Creo 3.0, such as the Windows File Explorer style interface and having availability on mobile devices, but it seems “interoperability” is a word everyone would most love to forget.

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