Community Tool: K-Factor Calculator
Scott Wertel posted on June 11, 2013 |
Accurate K-factors are not something that can be looked up in a table. They have to be calculated ba...

A while back I talked about the importance of community with respect to CAD. I came across a community sponsored application that will aid any sheet metal designer. It is a k-factor calculator developed by the New Zealand company knac solutions.

All sheet metal workers know the importance of an accurate k-factor (or bend allowance) when it comes to design.  We’ve even developed our own in-house tools, spreadsheets, or other cheat sheets to get close enough because no one wants to do the math each time.

(thanks to John Evans and Gavin Bath)

What I like about this tool, is that it focuses on the truth about k-factors.  No standard material at a standard thickness in a standard press has the same k-factor.  That’s right folks, if you are a sheet metal shop you’ve most likely calculated your actual k-factors based on your materials and setup.  How nice would it have been to use a simple interface like this tool?

The good folks at Design and Motion have a fantastic write up about this tool. Follow the link for more information.  And remember, if you have a free tool, developed by the community for the community, send me a link and I may showcase it here.


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