First Peek into Solid Edge ST6
Scott Wertel posted on June 04, 2013 | 9052 views

Solid Edge University is happening the last week in June.  During the keynote speech by Dan Staples, Solid Edge ST6 will be officially announced.  Leading up to that day, I have been given access to a few goodies due to be announced.  As I get them, so will you.

New Reflective Display mode. 

A new display mode shows symmetrical reflection of a model so designers can inspect surface quality across areas such as parting surfaces without having to model the symmetric counterpart. This new option mimics geometry mirroring but doesn’t add display overhead to the system and since it automatically updates after any modeling operation, users always have an up-to-date design during adding additional modeling operations. This reflective display mode lets the designer prove out stylized design ideas which can help drive new innovations to market faster.

Dimension auto-arrange.

Available in Solid Edge ST6 is a new command that automatically arranges stacked or linear 2D drawing dimensions. As 3D model sizes are changed and drawings are updated, the location of placed 2D drawings may become overlapped or otherwise scattered. With a single mouse-click, this new tool automatically re-arranges dimensions which speeds the revision process. Faster revisions can lead to faster customer turn-around times and help improve overall customer satisfaction.

A complete list of new capabilities in Solid Edge ST6 will be announced June 25th at the Solid Edge University 2013.

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