News: Vero Snaps up Sescoi and SMARTCAM
Rick Stavanja posted on February 12, 2013 | 5049 views

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Vero Software

Vero Software certainly isn't wasting any time in 2013.  Just 6 weeks into the year and already they've made two significant acquisitions.  Last month with Sescoi International, and last week in acquiring SURFCAM from Surfware Inc.

The Sescoi acquisition brings with it products ranging from CAD/CAM (WorkNC), to collaboratiion (WorkXPlore), and to ERP (WorkPlan). This certainly increases the breadth of Vero's offerings.

Complementary to that move, the SURFCAM acquisition adds depth to Vero's solutions targeting the shop floor.  Buying the SURFCAM product assets alone, they add both proven technology and a nice global customer base to their lineup.

Surfware as a company will remain intact as an independent software vendor. It's been reported that they intend to rename the company TrueMill in order to focus their attention on their patented TrueMill tool path optimization technology.

The Moral of the Story

Keep your eye on Vero.  These latest acquisitions coupled with the moves Vero has made the past two years makes them far more competitive against their larger rivals.

They certainly have the fabrication and manufacturing options for the market covered well. But it makes me wonder; will they continue this momentum to broaden their design solutions next?


Photo courtesy of Surfware

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