Geomagic Spark Raises the Bar
Rick Stavanja posted on December 17, 2012 |

Geomagic Spark Raises the Bar

At the recent Euromold conference in Germany, Geomagic announced Geomagic Spark, a new tool to streamline the process of turning 3D scanned data into 3D CAD models. This software combines a live 3D scanning interface, point cloud and mesh editing, 3D CAD modeling, and 2D drafting tools, all into a single application.

These new tools allow engineers to directly interact with scanned geometry when creating their models.  Designers can create features and sketches by accurately snapping to, or querying scanned geometry.  This is indeed new territory in the CAD market.

Geomagic first partnered with SpaceClaim to streamline the scan-to-CAD process over a year ago.  At that time they added a new tool to Geomagic Studio to send a resulting 3D mesh directly to SpaceClaim.  It was released in November 2011.  That project must have proven successful on a number of levels, because now, just a year later, Geomagic Spark has arrived as the next evolution of that same concept.

My Take

3D scanning technologies have traditionally been cumbersome to integrate into the design process. Scanners return their data in the form of point clouds. We would then have to use software to make sense of those point clouds and turn them into 3D surfaces.  at that point, we would then import those surfaces into our 3D CAD tool.  It was a process that required multiple tools, multiple skill sets, and worst of all, more time.

Mating Geomagic's strong 3D scanning tools with SpaceClaim's direct modeling capabilities makes perfect sense.  Based on what I've seen, I'm impressed with their integration and user interface.  It simply puts more usable functionality in the hands of the engineer.  This isn't Geomagic Studio with a few CAD tools added in.  Think of it more as SpaceClaim wrapped in Geomagic goodness.  ...creamy, buttery, Geomagic goodness.

Geomagic and SpaceClaim have indeed raised the bar with this.  And this time, they've raised it very high.

Well done.

Set for release in January 2013, Geomagic Spark is sure spark some attention in the industry. (get it!?) Users of SpaceClaim will be eligible for a steep discount.


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