Dassault v6 Powers STEM Education in Canada via the Cloud
Rick Stavanja posted on December 03, 2012 | 3524 views

Inspiration for this post:

Ecole Nationale d’Aerotechnique implements new Dassault Systems Internet solution

École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) has recently announced its commitment to adopting Dassault Systèmes' V6 platform to power its Aircraft Manufacturing Technology program. This makes them the first school in Canada to adopt this innovative cloud-driven solution. The deal will give them access to a toolset including CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA.

The Quebec-based ÉNA has a long history with Dassault Systèmes dating back over 20 years. They chose to adopt Dassault's latest V6 platform for several reasons.  First, in order to take full advantage of the power offered by its digital design, manufacturing, and data management tools. And second, to best leverage the robust collaborative capabilities offered between their students, instructors, and partners in the program.
By choosing to utilize a hosted solution from ENGINEERING.com, they also accomplished some other things as well; With nearly no time and effort required for their own IT personnel to implement internally, setup time was nearly immediate, and new hardware was not required.
Better tools. Faster implementation. Lower cost.  Don't we all strive for outcomes like that to our technology challenges?

My take

There's plenty of credit to go around with this news...
ENA deserves a nod for its initiative in adopting the latest cloud-based technologies to facilitate their students, and maximize their STEM skills. Academia hasn't always been quick to adopt technology.
Engineering.com also deserves credit for packaging a solution for a budget-strapped institution to adopt and operate such forward thinking technology into their curriculums.
Hopefully this announcement will raise the bar for other schools. Time will tell…


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