New IronCAD Suite Released
Rick Stavanja posted on December 13, 2012 |

New IronCAD Suite Released

The always creative minds at IronCAD have released the latest version of their flagship product suite: IRONCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013. The toolset is made up of several products...

  4. TRANS

These tools deliver the full range of product creation, innovation, and data organization capabilities for even the most demanding product design challenges. It is this focus on design productivity that benefits users across all products in the suite. And the improvements in this version span each of the tools. To summarize:

  • Improved design functionality
  • User interface improvements
  • Additional drafting capabilities
  • Import/export improvements

An itemized listing of improvements can be found at: What's New in IronCAD 2013

In a market saturated with mid-range modeling tools, IronCAD has always stood toe to toe with the competition. This latest release will do nothing to diminish that standing.

My take

Among the many innovations in their history, a few stand out...

User Interface

An early pioneer of a technique now known as direct modeling - dating back over 20 years ago - they have consistently blazed a trail focused on enhancing usability for product design.


They were the first vendor to simultaneously run dual modeling kernels (ACIS & Parasolid), streamlining file exchange and collaboration with users of competing modelers. Dealing with the issue at the very kernel (get it?) of the problem was, and still is, a unique approach.

This latest IronCAD release is much like those that came before; They don't try to build the breadth of their solution by adding scores of tools that few users will actually use. Instead they build on the depth of IronCAD in order to benefit the majority of their customers.

I respect them for persistently pushing the bar higher for the entire industry.  That's why I pay attention to them.  That's why we all should.

Agree?  Disagree?  I'd love to hear your opinion.


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