New Autodesk PLM 360 Discovery Workshops
Rick Stavanja posted on November 15, 2012 | 8099 views

The Autodesk PLM 360 Discovery

Autodesk has launched a new online program called Autodesk PLM 360 Discovery. The intent is to help potential customers better understand how they can benefit from cloud-based PLM solutions through a series of short questions that result in a free, personalized assessment.

In my opinion, in order to be successful Autodesk has to address two specific issues.…

  1. Help customers understand the benefits of the cloud.
  2. Identify the specific and priorities of individual customers.

Although media pundits have been talking about cloud computing for a long time now, the fact is most customers don't fully understand what benefits there are in this new era of cloud computing.

To help with this Autodesk was launched a new micro site called the Autodesk PLM 360 Discovery. It will help customers investigating PLM solutions and wishing to attend this event describe their operation and itemize their needs and prioritize their goals. Autodesk will deliver a report customized to the information the customer has provided, then allow them to sign up for the workshop and receive a free 30 day trial of PLM 360.

In my experience as a consultant, success was driven solely by addressing the specific needs of each and every customer. Although they all claimed they were unique and did things differently, the truth is we all do the same thing but in very unique and different ways. Because of that, success is achieved through good communication. Therefore I think Autodesk is on the right track with the Discovery Program. It nudges customers to think about their priorities and real needs up front, thus establishing a common starting point for a new PLM project.

Clearly Autodesk seems intent on smoothing out the PLM path for customers...


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