Need Logical PLM Advice? Go Where the Vulcans Go.
Rick Stavanja posted on October 18, 2012 |

One of the things I learned early in this line of work was that you must attend lots of industry events. Most of my colleagues consider it to be a part of the job that they must endure.  But not me.  I actually look forward to them.  I enjoy the keynotes.  I enjoy the sessions.  I enjoy meeting and talking with attendees and colleagues.  But most of all, I really love hearing case studies.  Listening to smart people tell how they apply technology to solve their problems and automate their engineering processes.  The more of these that occur during an event, the more that event stands out to me.  Unfortunately there aren't many events that achieve that standout status for me anymore.

That said, it appears that one of those potential standout events is actually right around the corner. PLM Innovation Americas 2012 is coming to Atlanta at the end of this month, and the keynotes and sessions they list look like gems.... Unfortunately I can not attend this year.  But that's another story.

Specifically, consider these sessions...

Between the speakers, the topics covered, and some of the other happenings potentially in store, this event is shaping up to be one the ends up on my short list of all-time great events.

Consider a few selected sessions…

  1. The Model-based Collaborative Enterprise: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Future of PLM
    Nathan Hartman from Purdue University
    Exploring the challenges in implementing next-generation PLM tools
  2. Reaching for the value of PLM at Boeing Commercial Airplanes
    Kevin R Fowler, Chief Architect Commercial Airplanes Processes & Tools, The Boeing Company, USA
    Review Boeing’s PLM journey of 15+ years and thoughts for improvement
  3. The Human Factor: Cultural Change Management
    Dan Raker, President, ConnectPress, Ltd., USA
    Asses the implications of failures to win support amongst business process owners
  4. Panel Discussion: Open PLM standards
    Monica Schnitger, President, Schnitger Corp, USA
    Discussing existing initiatives, cloud & open source, and the legal realities.
  5. The 2012 State of PLM
    Chad Jackson, President and Founder, Lifecycle Insights, USA
    Note: You may want to get in line early for this one.  Rumor has it that a Vulcan Officer from the USS Star Ship Enterprise may actually make an appearance!

My Take

The industry needs more events like this.  They make us all better equipped to advance ourselves, our companies, and the technologies ahead in the industry.

Let me also ask of all those attending; Please come back here to post your comments to fill us in on what we missed.  Share your thoughts, opinions, pics and/or videos -- especially of any Vulcan officers you happen across.  The best entry may qualify to win an item from my desk (of my choosing of course).

I'll be here anxiously waiting...


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