PLM Innovation Americas 2012 - Not a Typical Industry Event
Rick Stavanja posted on October 05, 2012 |
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Throughout my career I've had the good fortune to see the industry from a variety of different perspectives.  I started as a product designer before moving on to CAD and PLM Management, then on to being a reseller, before finally shifting to consulting and systems integration.  I can't help but see the industry now through each of those different lenses.

Along the way I've been able to attend many different industry events over the years, and although I realize I run the risk of sounding like the stereotypical old guy in the room, the fact is that todays events just aren't as good  as they were back in the day.  Community events used to be put on by independent organizations that didn't cater exclusively to the interests of vendors.  Their goal then was solely to benefit the attendees.

Unfortunately, the evolution of these events has been dramatic over the years.  Now most of them are pushed by vendor-driven communities that are meticulously choreographed to market their products to the attendees rather then help them solve problems in implementing the very products they are trying to get them to buy.

Fortunately, there are still a few events today that dare to be different.  Events that harken back to the good old days when  focusing on the needs of the attendees was still the primary goal.  In fact one of those events even focuses on the PLM market, and it just happens to be right around the corner; it's PLM Innovation Americas 2012.

On October 25 and 26 in Atlanta, Georgia USA, PLM Innovation Americas 2012 will bring together world class speakers, industry leaders, and select vendors to share their ideas, experiences, and cutting-edge technologies with the world.

Imagine hearing detailed case studies of live PLM implementations from some of the top Engineering organizations in the world, without having to stock up on coffee in order to make it through the marketing fluff.

Whether you're a CIO looking for strategic guidance, an Engineering Manager looking to automate processes, or a CAD manager looking to solve a stubborn problem, PLM Innovation 2012 may just be just what you're looking for. 

My Take

I find events such as this to be a refreshing change of pace from the typical vendor-driven events we usually see today.  Personally I love getting the opportunity to hear the war stories (without the marketing-speak) from the people that actually succeeded in implementing real enterprise solutions in today's complex engineering environments.

And the best part is that users qualify for a 35% discount by registering at the link below.  Register today!

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