MapleSim 6 Advances Simulation Capabilities with Modelica Integration
Rick Stavanja posted on September 11, 2012 | 103111 views
MapleSim 6 integrates Modelica

MapleSim 6 is improving its approach to physical modeling and simulation, while reducing model development and analysis time.  This results in fast, high-fidelity simulations of systems. With its improved Modelica integration, as well as more connectivity capabilities, MapleSim 6 offers even more ways for engineers to meet and exceed their system-level requirements.

MapleSim 6 also offers some new improvements focused on collaboration as well.  It can now both open and save Modelica files directly.  Also, when using the new MapleSim Connector for FMI, they can now export MapleSim models in a standard format familiar to other FMI-compliant tools.

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