S1.E7 Designing the Future: The Writing’s On The Wall for Cloud Simulation
Michael Alba posted on November 02, 2020 |
OnScale CEO Ian Campbell explains why he sees the cloud as inevitable.

Ian Campbell is the founder and CEO of OnScale, a cloud-based platform for simulation. Ian has a B.S in mechanical engineering from Middle Tennessee State University as well as an MSAE in aerospace engineering and an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Before OnScale, Ian founded and led NextInput, a startup that developed 3D Touch and ForceTouch sensors.

On this episode of Designing the Future, Ian explains his vision for cloud simulation and why he believes legacy simulation providers will need to catch up or fall behind. He discusses the role of AI in cloud simulation, his company’s view of digital twins, why the cloud is key for democratization, design for 5G, how OnScale was influenced by cloud-CAD platform Onshape, and more.

To learn more about OnScale and the recently released OnScale Solve platform, visit OnScale.com.

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