S1.E2 Designing the Future: Data, Digital Twins, and Going All-in on AI Sim
Michael Alba posted on September 28, 2020 |
Altair CTO James Dagg explains why AI is his company’s number one area of research.

James Dagg is the CTO of design and simulation solutions at Altair. James holds a BSME and MS in Applied Mechanics from the University of Michigan and has been a driving force in Altair's software strategy and development activities since he joined the company in 1987.

On this episode of Designing the Future, James discusses the evolution of topology optimization, the applications of artificial intelligence in design software, the new generation of meshless technology, the importance of systems-level thinking, data in the context of digital twins, how the pandemic is shaping simulation, why user interfaces should be fun, and what design software could look like in the year 2070.

To learn more about Altair's design and simulation solutions, visit Altair.com.

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