Eagle Point Software Provides Free Online Training Content to Help Companies During COVID-19
Staff posted on May 29, 2020 |
Helping companies transition employees more efficiently to remote working conditions.

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(Image courtesy of Eagle Point.)
(Image courtesy of Eagle Point.)

COVID-19 brought drastic changes to the U.S. workforce exceedingly fast. One extreme result of the spreading pandemic was that many previously office-based employees had to work remotely for the first time, with little to no time to prepare for this major adjustment.

However, working remotely is nothing new for Eagle Point Software. They were fortunate to have the tools and processes to quickly and seamlessly transfer their team to home-based locations so that they could then turn attention to easing this radical shift for clients.

Right from the start of the pandemic, Eagle Point Software sought to help companies more efficiently transition employees to remote working conditions. In conjunction with their content partner, Intellezy, one of their first initiatives was to make essential and actionable content available at no cost through the month of April. Most notably, their Business & Management Skills and Microsoft Software Training content helped newly home-based teams swiftly adapt during that crucial transition period. Because no two situations are the same, they’ve worked closely with each client to ensure they had access to the resources they needed to adjust to the new circumstances.

As a result, they received strong and positive feedback. Their clients accessed this content to tap into valuable guidance and learning opportunities during the especially difficult weeks after physical office locations were closed. Many shared that as they were thrown “head-first” into figuring out new collaboration methods, Eagle Point Software’s contribution to the transition helped teams work together more productively and efficiently.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is a challenging time for everyone, both personally and professionally. Adding complexity to the situation is the flurry of unanswered questions about the future. As the transition into phases of “reopening” and shifting business operations becomes clearer, Eagle Point Software will continue adapting how they work with and assist their clients, and do all they can to help productivity remain high.

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