BETA CAE Systems Releases BETA CAE Suite v19.1.1
Phillip Keane posted on March 13, 2019 |
The software features new updates and fixes in the latest version of its FEA suite.

BETA CAE Systems has announced the release of BETA CAE Systems Suite v19.1.1, the latest version of its finite element analysis (FEA) software suite.

The software suite includes the ANSA pre-processor, the EPILYSIS solver and META post-processor—offering a complete workflow for FEA simulations.

The latest software includes a number of fixes and enhancements over previous versions.

BETA CAE Suite: A workflow designed for all your FEA needs. (Image courtesy of BETA CAE Systems.)
BETA CAE Suite: A workflow designed for all your FEA needs. (Image courtesy of BETA CAE Systems.)

Let’s take a look at the enhancements.


In ANSA, the model browser has gotten some upgrades, including the ability to save data in management subsystem folders while retaining references to other subsystems.

This enhancement facilitates the model organization in cases where an assembly needs to be handled as a single “include” for some disciplines, but also needs to be split down to more includes for some others.

The latest release also has some new plug-ins, most significant among them is the From Includes to Model Browser plug-in. This particular plug-in is a tool that facilitates the migration of an FE model organized with includes to a model organized with Model Browser containers and prepares the infrastructure for modular assembly with the "Smart Assembly" methodology.

The tool will guide users through an includes-labeling process, in order to map each include to the appropriate Model Browser container with minimum effort. Combined with data management functionality, the tool enables the direct copy of the original include files in the data repository with appropriate metadata, which facilitates the comprehensive management of the migrated model in a modular manner with a data management backbone.

Mapping – SOL200 FE Update: The plug-in now supports optimization results from EPILYSIS, regarding orientation angle of orthotropic (MAT8 and MAT2) materials on shell elements.


EPILYSIS, the main FEA solver, now contains topology optimization for orthotropic and anisotropic materials through the TOPVAR card.

For shell properties of orthotropic (MAT8) or anisotropic (MAT2) material, the optimization of fiber orientation angle (THETA) is also taken into account through the parameter PARAM, TOPTHETA, YES (default). Topology optimization is also available for solid properties of anisotropic materials (MAT9).


The META post-processing platform has some new upgrades to its Report Composer PPTX, with Audio files are now being supported.

And last but not least, the software includes some upgrades to its automation capabilities, namely,the addition of a new script function, which copies curves from a specific page/window/plot and pastes them to another page/window/plot.

You can find out more about the range of simulation solutions from the BETA CAE Systems website, right here.

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