NUMECA Releases Its Latest Lattice-Boltzmann Solver
Phillip Keane posted on March 11, 2019 |
New release offers HPC connectivity and more.

CFD company NUMECA has just released its latest Lattice-Boltzmann solver, OMNIS 3.1.

OMNIS is a particle-based Lattice-Boltzmann solver for complex and high-fidelity flow simulations that can easily handle complex geometry with moving parts, solid contacts and free surface flows.

The latest release promises to reduce geometry preparation, meshing and setup time from hours (or even days) to just minutes, enabling users to perform simulations for a variety of internal and external multiphase flow applications, even those involving moving parts, such as gearboxes, bearings and volumetric pumps.

You can see a comparison of the real-life gearbox with the simulation in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Semi-immersed gearbox validation. (Image courtesy of NUMECA.)
Figure 1. Semi-immersed gearbox validation. (Image courtesy of NUMECA.)

OMNIS also allows users to model a range of other applications, including free surface flows, external aerodynamics, microfluidics, porous media, fluid-membrane interaction and heat transfer problems.

Other updates to the software include:

  • Automatic lattice generation
  • Fully resolved multiphase flow with small droplets and bubbles
  • Fully resolved flow through complex geometries and porous media
  • Immersed boundary (IB) method for body-to-body motion and contact
  • Strong scalability for computations on a massively parallel architecture

Also available in OMNIS is the Bridge to FINE feature, which provides users with a full simulation workflow that combines the meshing and post-processing capabilities of OMNIS with the brute simulation power of NUMECA’s FINE/Open with OpenLabs, FINE/Marine and FINE/Turbo, for CFD simulations across a variety of industries.

Figure 2. OMNIS Bridge workflow. (Image courtesy of NUMECA.)
Figure 2. OMNIS Bridge workflow. (Image courtesy of NUMECA.)

OMNIS 3.1 also promises to extend the user’s simulation capabilities by allowing simulations to be launched on a high performance computing (HPC) cluster.

And, of course, if you don’t happen to have a HPC cluster lying around, then that’s no problem: OMNIS is fully compatible with the NUMECA cloud service, HPCon demand, via your web browser, by purchasing cloud credits from NUMECA.

For more information on NUMECA’s CFD offerings, head on over to its website, right here.

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