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Staff posted on March 07, 2019 |
PTC and engineering.com partner at LiveWorx
This article was provided by PTC and posted with little change.
Using augmented reality, PTC shows the snowmobile in a different environment. (Picture courtesy of PTC.)
Using augmented reality, PTC shows the snowmobile in a different environment. (Picture courtesy of PTC.)
LiveWorx is proud to partner with engineering.com on the Digital Engineering educational track at this year’s event, June 10-13 in Boston.  LiveWorx is a global digital transformation conference and marketplace for solutions engineered for the new era of industrial innovation. Driven by this year’s theme, “Augmented Workforce: Taking Human Capabilities to New Heights,” LiveWorx features all the latest tech that will make you more efficient, and it’s accessible all in one place.

Here are just a few of the sessions you'll find on the Digital Engineering Track agenda:

3 Business Cases for Additive Manufacturing

Ken Burns, Technical Sales Director, Forecast 3D
While it is exciting to see the impact of technologies like HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) it is equally important to understand its limitations. Identifying the correct applications will drive the success of additive manufacturing adoption. While adoption is not simply plug and play, there is a path to successful integration and it is not as difficult as some companies may believe. This session will explore three business cases that are successful models for production with 3D Printing.

Digital Twin: Practical Approaches to Converse with Your Products

Dave Duncan, VP, Product Management - PLM, Connected Engineering, PTC
Imagine if you were able to talk to your products… What people, performing what tasks, would talk to your products? What would they ask them? With digital twins, you can ask products questions across their digital definitions and physical experiences. More importantly, you don’t need complete digital twins to get started and return value. In this session, Dave Duncan, VP of Product Management at PTC, will share findings from extensive research and real-world programs.

Stryker's Transition to a Model Based Enterprise: Leading Practices for Strategy, Process, Data and People

Steven Maulick, Director of Engineering Services, Stryker and Howard Schimmoller, Technical Fellow, Kalypso
More and more companies are transforming into model-based enterprises (MBE), using tools and processes of digital product creation (DPC). These transformations are comprehensive, with implications to strategy, business processes, data and people.  In this session, Stryker and Kalypso will share technical guidance on leading practices for data creation and management as companies prepare for MBE and DPC, typical barriers and success factors for achieving business benefits, and specific organizational change recommendations.

CAD Model Efficiency, Quality and Effectiveness: Laying The Foundations For Maximum Project Value

Andrew Lindsay. Postgraduate Researcher, Loughborough University
As the number and sophistication of digital design methods increase and expand, the quality of a parametric CAD file has never been more important. However, accommodating the trend of increased customer demand necessitates a rapid and agile development process, where the production of high-quality models requires resource investment that is often difficult to justify. With these seemingly competing priorities for CAD practitioners how does a company continue to maximize their value-added work throughout the modern product lifecycle? The goal for successful contemporary businesses must be to improve efficiency wherever possible, but how should this be achieved? This discussion aims to address CAD efficiency, quality, and effectiveness, and give some real-world examples where understanding, or misunderstanding, these requirements has had a direct influence on project value.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Jose Coronado Lara, Director of Product Management, PTC
With Creo, what you design is actually what you print. This session provides a review of the capabilities in Creo 6.0 that enable you to design for Additive Manufacturing. It will also show how a Creo user can take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities without transferring data across multiple software packages specialized in different tasks. Say goodbye to the hassle and start thinking instead about producing parametrically controlled lattice structures and fully-detailed parts with accurate mass properties.

New sessions are being added daily, browse the Session Catalog to view all of them.

Plus, don't miss the CAD & PLM Technical Day at LiveWorx on Monday, June 10th to gain access to 25 bonus breakout sessions focused on specialized Creo and Windchill topics. You’ll learn from experienced Creo and Windchill super users with tips and tricks, best practices, plus gain insight into how large enterprise organizations are taking advantage of these solutions. The CAD & PLM Technical day content is free to All Access and DeluX passholders, and can be added on for a fee to Explorer passes.

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This article was provided by PTC and posted with little change.

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