CCE EnSuite Update Enhances Tools for Competitive Benchmarking
Michael Alba posted on October 11, 2018 |
Users can compare CAD models to point cloud data for inspection and verification.
Screenshot of CCE EnSuite’s Parts Compare feature. (Image courtesy of CCE.)
Screenshot of CCE EnSuite’s Parts Compare feature. (Image courtesy of CCE.)

CAD software developer CCE has announced the latest update to EnSuite, its stand-alone CAD data viewer and translator. The update focuses on providing enhanced tools for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and, ultimately, competitive benchmarking.

The biggest enhancement comes to the Model Compare tool. EnSuite can import point cloud data generated by most 3D scanners, and the Model Compare tool can now compare CAD models with this point cloud data (as well as with other CAD models). With this feature, users can scan a part and compare it to the original design for inspection and verification. Users can also export the results of the comparison to an Excel file.

The latest update of EnSuite also enhances tools for:

  • Computing surface area
  • Bounding volumes
  • 3D measurements for point cloud and STL files

"EnSuite's latest release focuses on our customer base that uses our software for reasons outside of just simple multi-CAD viewing or translation capabilities, which in itself are solid reasons,” said Debankan Chattopadhyay, CCE's manager of business development. “But for people who live and breathe in the world of reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and competitive benchmarking, the ability to ensure that a digital scan of a physical part matches with the CAD model within specified tolerances and being able to analyze and export that data for downstream applications is very critical.”

The update is now available to all EnSuite customers. New customers can purchase EnSuite for $3,495/year. The software is also available in a stripped-down version, EnSuite-Lite, which is priced at $995 but does not include certain translation, productivity and automation features. You can view a full feature comparison chart of the EnSuite versions here.

To learn more about EnSuite, visit CCE’s website.

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