Altair Acquires GPU-Accelerated CFD Company
Michael Alba posted on May 11, 2018 |
(Image courtesy of Altair).
(Image courtesy of Altair).

In 2015, Altair invested in FluiDyna, a German Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology developer. Now, Altair has acquired the German company to help accelerate Altair’s broader CFD portfolio. FluiDyna’s two simulation products, ultraFluidX and nanoFluidX, are NVIDIA GPU-accelerated software packages for CFD, and have previously been available to Altair customers as part of the Altair Partner Program.

ultraFluidX uses the Lattice Boltzmann method to predict the aerodynamic properties of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles. FluiDyna touts the software’s ultra-fast turnaround time, claiming that simulations can be performed within a few hours on a single workstation.

nanoFluidX uses the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method to predict the flow in complex geometries with complex motion. For example, it can predict the oiling in powertrain systems with rotating shafts and gears. The smoothed particle hydrodynamics method also enables easy treatment of high-density ratio multiphase flows like water-air with no additional interface reconstruction required.

(Image courtesy of FluiDyna).
(Image courtesy of FluiDyna).

“We are excited about FluiDyna and especially their work with NVIDIA technology for CFD applications,” said Altair founder and CEO James Scapa. “We believe the increased throughput and lower cost of GPU solutions is going to allow for a significant increase in simulations which can be used to further impact the design process.”

ultraFluidX and nanoFluidX will join the rest of Altair’s CFD portfolio, which includes the AcuSolve CFD solver, HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel, and HyperStudy for CFD optimization.

“We’ve worked closely for more than 10 years with FluiDyna, an Elite Solution Provider in our NVIDIA Partner Network Program,” said NVIDIA’s Shanker Trivedi.  “Together, we’ve helped develop forward-thinking simulation tools that leverage NVIDIA technology for better performance and efficiency throughout the design process.”

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