Altair Launches 16th Annual FEKO Student Competition
Phillip Keane posted on May 09, 2018 |

Contests are a great way to push technology forward.

Remember the Orteig Prize? That prize was finally won by Charles Lindbergh and paved the way for commercial transatlantic commercial aviation. OK, so you may be a little young to remember that particular example (unless your name is Montgomery Burns).

How about something more recent, such as the Ansari XPrize? That prize paved the way for commercial space travel. Sure, we’re still waiting for trips to the Moon, but you can’t deny the impact that the XPrize had on the spaceflight industry.

The 16th annual FEKO Student Competition. (Image courtesy of Altair.)
The 16th annual FEKO Student Competition. (Image courtesy of Altair.)

Contests are also a great way for students to get some professional recognition (and win prizes!).

So, we are pleased to announce that Altair is launching the 16th annual FEKO Student Competition. The competition seeks undergraduate and post-graduate students who have worked on a supervised project in electromagnetic (EM) engineering using FEKO, Altair's comprehensive EM analysis software suite.

With attractive prizes like a state-of-the-art laptop computer or attendance to an Altair Technology Conference, the Altair competition provides an opportunity for students to showcase their work with FEKO. The winner will also have the opportunity to host a webinar to present their project, giving them exposure to a much larger audience. This will serve as a highly valuable experience for their future engineering careers.

The deadline for entries is November 30, 2018. Once students register for the competition, they will receive further details on the requirements, links to support forums and guides.

Here are some tips to winning engineering contests:

  • Start early—your final entry will reflect the amount of time you spent on it.
  • Don’t be daunted by the number of entrants—somebody has to win—it may as well be you!
  • Use Gantt charts to help with time management.
  • Document everything as you go—it’s better than retroactively documenting things as the deadline approaches.
  • Submit your entry early! Last-minute rushing is never a good thing.

Students can register for the contest at this link. Good luck to everyone!

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