1-Click 3D PDF Conversion for Software Developers
Michael Alba posted on January 25, 2018 |
PDF3D releases v2.15 of its 3D PDF software development kit.
(Image courtesy of PDF3D.)
(Image courtesy of PDF3D.)

Software company PDF3D has released the latest version of PDF3D SDK Pro, its software development kit for integrating 3D PDF conversion into 3D programs. SDK Pro v2.15 adds several improvements, most prominently a new workflow to bridge Universal 3D (U3D) and Product Representation Compact (PRC) file formats.

“Most of the established vendors have moved to PRC,” said PDF3D Head Developer Ian Curington. “This new U3D-to-PRC workflow provides a bridge and unique new solution that extends the functionality of the traditional U3D, enriching and enhancing the value of the 3D PDF for users in the process.”

The new PRC bridge allows new functionality that PDF3D claims is unique to its SDK, including:

  • The ability to merge multiple U3D 3D PDFs into a combined view
  • The ability to apply mesh reduction and simplification to compress file sizes
  • The ability to add metadata, annotations, links and extra views on 3D parts
  • The ability to add bill of materials (BOM), product and manufacturing information (PMI), 3D labels and part-highlight interaction

Other additions to SDK Pro v2.15 include:

  • New application programming interface (API) methods for texture processing, animation and font handling
  • New algorithms for text formatting
  • An optimized scene mode
  • New color-to-texture methods

“The toolkit goes beyond simple 3D PDF conversion,” said Curington. “v2.15 gives developers the functionality they need to integrate one-click 3D PDF conversion technology into their software with enhanced styling options that allow their users to create 3D PDF documents and reports with a rich choice of annotations, textures, color, scenes and more.”

To learn more about SDK Pro, visit the PDF3D website. To learn more about 3D PDFs, check out “Webinar: Top 10 Things You Need to Know About 3D PDF.”

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