Magna-Catalogs 2018 Released for IronCAD
Michael Alba posted on January 01, 2018 |
The Mag-RESOURCES Service-Oriented Magna-Catalog. (Image courtesy of Magnacad.)
The Mag-RESOURCES Service-Oriented Magna-Catalog. (Image courtesy of Magnacad.)

Magnacad, provider of the IronCAD and INOVATE CAD solutions, has released the Magna-Catalogs 2018 collection, a suite of resources designed for IronCAD and INOVATE users. Automatically provided to Magnacad customers on a current support or maintenance program, the catalogs are also available for purchase on the online Magna-Catalog shop.

The main update to the 2018 catalogs is the introduction of three new types of Magna-Catalogs: Service-Oriented, Dynamic and LEAN.

Service-Oriented Magna-Catalogs provide IronCAD and INOVATE users with integrated support resources and services. The first of these, called Mag-RESOURCES, provides access to Magnacad support, user forums, blogs and online training resources.

“It’s our intention that by providing a catalog of resources directly from the design user interface, the IronCAD/Inovate user will become more apt to utilize the available resources more effectively, thus improving their proficiency in the application,” said Tom Lehnhaeuser, president of Magnacad.

Dynamic Magna-Catalogs, on the other hand, provide users with preconfigured components and assemblies. The first of these is Mag-MECHANISMS, which provides IronCAD users with a library of simple mechanisms and adds integrated third-party CAD software to help with mechanism design. Mag-MECHANISM will be available for free to all IronCAD users.

“We felt that sharing this catalog would benefit the entire global IronCAD community, and that is very important to us,” said Lehnhaeuser.

Finally, LEAN Magna-Catalogs are aimed at maintenance design and will provide users with components commonly used in maintenance and repair. In the first LEAN catalog made available, users will be provided with 3/8-in drive sockets that serve as a dimensional reference for required clearances.

“We value our customers’ continued support, and providing Magna-Catalogs is just another way we strive to provide them with quality tools that promote productivity and education,” said Lehnhaeuser.

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