CorelCAD 2018 Introduces New Tools and an iOS App
Michael Alba posted on December 29, 2017 |
Screenshot from CorelCAD 2018. (Image courtesy of Corel).
Screenshot from CorelCAD 2018. (Image courtesy of Corel).

Software company Corel has released the latest version of CorelCAD, its 2D and 3D CAD software. CorelCAD 2018 comes with new features and enhancements, including an optimized CAD engine powered by ARES. Corel also introduced a new iOS-compatible CorelCAD Mobile app, which complements an upgraded Android version.

CorelCAD 2018 is available for both Windows and macOS, and will for the first time be offered on the Mac App Store via subscription. With support for native .DWG, including AutoCAD R2018 .DWG, CorelCAD 2018 is compatible with all major CAD programs.

New features offered in CorelCAD 2018 include:

  • New tools allow CorelCAD users to speed up their 2D or 3D workflows.
  • Users can enter arithmetic formulas into table cells and export tables in CSV format with advanced table tools.
  • A MultiLeader tool lets users configure callouts with multiple leader lines with options to adjust formatting such as line and arrowhead size.
  • The helix tool allows users to quickly create 2D spirals or 3D helixes for springs, screws, staircases and more.
Screenshot of the new helix tool in CorelCAD 2018. (Image courtesy of Corel).
Screenshot of the new helix tool in CorelCAD 2018. (Image courtesy of Corel).

Also new to CorelCAD 2018 is the Dynamic Custom Coordinate System, a new method for editing and adding 3D elements, which Corel claims will significantly streamline 3D design workflows. The copy and paste commands have been enhanced to improve productivity, allowing users to quickly copy and paste content to the active layer instead of the source layer.

“Technical designers choose CorelCAD because it delivers the robust and advanced capabilities they need without the high cost typically associated with professional CAD software,” said Corel’s Klaus Vossen. “With CorelCAD 2018, we’ve focused on accelerating the CAD workflow with new features that are more natural and intuitive than ever.”

To learn more about CorelCAD 2018, visit the Corel website. For information on the previous update, read New CorelCAD 2017 Release Aims to Simplify Workflows.

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