Altair Adds Automotive-Focused MBSE to Its Partner Alliance
Shawn Wasserman posted on December 11, 2017 |
Real-time systems engineering model that is structured in various layers. (Image courtesy of Altair.)

Real-time systems engineering model that is structured in various layers. (Image courtesy of Altair.)

The Altair Partner Alliance’s (APA’s) portfolio of AVL software has just been expanded to include AVL CRUISE M.

This new automotive model-based systems engineering (MBSE) software is in addition to AVL’s acoustics and flame simulation technologies, EXCITE and AVLE FIRE M, which are already available to HyperWorks users.

“AVL CRUISE M is a valuable tool within the entire development process,” said Robert Strasser, lead engineer at AVL List GmbH.“[It supports] customer and R&D projects in the field of large engine system simulation … as well as in engine control development and calibration. [This will reduce] development time and costs for HyperWorks users.”

CRUISE M is used to simulate automotive systems using real-time MBSE software. The tool also includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that can setup, execute, build and post-process the model.

Altair reports that CRUISE M is specifically tailored for multiphysics simulations and multilayered modeling throughout the development cycle. It is also compatible with third-party tools and has a standard functional mock up interface (FMI) for the use of model exchange.

The tool specializes in the design of:

  • Power trains
  • Engines
  • Fluid flows
  • After-treatments
  • Drivelines
  • Electrics
  • Hydraulics

The software is currently able to:

  • Perform control function and strategy development tasks
  • Calibration of hardware-in-the-loop HiL systems
  • Component testing
  • System testing
  • System layout analysis
  • Balancing energy flow
  • Energy management

“With specific solutions for powertrain and thermal management, AVL CRUISE M offers HyperWorks users the ability to not only calibrate engine control units (ECUs) with a virtual engine at an early stage, but to also help support the control system development in the validation phase,” said Keshav Sundaresh, global director of business development for math and systems at Altair.

“HyperWorks currently offers fully integrated and automated 1D to 3D CAE solutions for powertrain simulation and optimization, including a single-solver format for analysis of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), structures and durability, multiphysics coupling and system simulation,” added Sundaresh. “We’re very excited to add AVL CRUISE M to the APA ecosystem and further enhance the toolset for holistic engine and powertrain development.”

Some of those other MBSE technologies from the APA and Altair include ModelCenter, CosiMate and the Compose, Activate and Embed product suite from solidThinking (a subsidiary of Altair).

For more on Altair’s Systems Engineering direction, read “VP of Altair and President of Visual Solutions Discuss the Simulation Industry.”

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