Tolerance Analysis in the Cloud
Michael Alba posted on December 06, 2017 |
The 3DCS Distributed Computing interface. (Image courtesy of Dimensional Control Systems.)
The 3DCS Distributed Computing interface. (Image courtesy of Dimensional Control Systems.)

Dimensional Control Systems, developer of 3DCS Variation Analyst software, has partnered with cloud provider Parallel Works to bring cloud computing to 3DCS users. The partnership will allow large-scale 3DCS analyses to be run in parallel in the cloud, freeing up local resources and speeding up tolerance analyses.

3DCS Variation Analyst software is a cross-platform tolerance analysis package that is available as a fully integrated solution for Dassault Systèmes CATIA, Siemens NX and PTC Creo, as well as a multi-CAD platform neutral offering.

Now, the integration with Parallel Works’ Distributed Computing cloud platform will enable 3DCS users to run their analyses on scalable computing resources in the cloud. Users will be able to adjust the amount of cloud resources they use based on the size of their analyses, adding or removing machines as they see fit. The platform itself is easy to use, taking a WTX file as input (which is exported from 3DCS) and outputting an HST file (which can be imported back into 3DCS to view the analysis results).

The cloud analyses will be performed based on a system of credits, which customers can purchase in quantities suited to their computing needs. All users will start off with 300 free credits, courtesy of Parallel Works and Distributed Control Systems.

“By giving users the ability to offload their analysis to the cloud, they no longer have to wait for long run times before continuing their work,” said Dave Johnson of Dimensional Control Systems. “Not only does this free up local hardware and license, but now users can spend credits as needed to run their analysis as fast as they want. This means that priority results can be produced in minutes, while low-priority ones can be allowed to run in the cloud over a longer period of time.”

To learn more about the Distributed Control Systems and Parallel Works partnership, visit the 3DCS website.

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