MSC Nastran 2018 Released
Phillip Keane posted on November 30, 2017 |
FEA software gets a speed boost as well as frequency-dependent material analysis capabilities.

Simulation giant MSC Software Corporation has announced the release of the latest version of its finite element analysis (FEA) simulation package, MSC Nastran 2018, and has promised that this version is its fastest yet, clocking in at 5x the solving speed of previous versions. This solving speed is achieved with the aid of high performance computing (HPC) techniques, which promise to reduce the solving time of large and complex assemblies.

Now with improved rotor dynamic capabilities. (Image courtesy of MSC Software.)
Now with improved rotor dynamic capabilities. (Image courtesy of MSC Software.)

In addition to the new solver speed boost, MSC Nastran features new capabilities for simulating laminates of various types. Many laminates have stiffness and damping responses that are dynamic and vary depending on the frequency.  Users of the software can now expand the depth of their simulations by accurately implementing the frequency-dependent material properties of MSC Nastran 2018.0 for the design and noise abatement of automotive and aerospace vehicles.

Examples of the kinds of materials that can benefit from Nastran2018’s new capabilities include:

  • Short-fiber reinforced plastics (SFRP) laminates
  • Laminated glass windscreens
  • Laminated metals (two sheets of steel with a viscoelastic damping layer)
  • Carbon fibers

Some other new features that are worth noting:

  • With the 2018 release, MSC Nastran is now for the first time compliant with IPv6.
  • There are enhancements to rotorblade simulations (they can now be defined in single/multi-level part super elements).
  • MSC Nastran has the ability to deal with multiple mass considerations, which is good for aerospace applications, where multiple structures have dynamic mass values.
  • There are a host of automated features that have been added to the software, including automatic solver and parallel selection processes as well as automatic contact generation, to make life a little bit easier for users.

If you’d like to see what else is new in MSC Nastran 2018, then you can watch the video below.

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