form•Z Introduces V-Ray Integration
Michael Alba posted on November 22, 2017 |
V-Ray for form•Z now available to pro users in open beta.
form•Z now has integrated V-Ray rendering support. (Image courtesy of form•Z.)
form•Z now has integrated V-Ray rendering support. (Image courtesy of form•Z.)

AutoDesSys’ 3D design software form•Z now has integrated support for V-Ray rendering. Currently available to form•Z 8.5 pro users in an open beta, V-Ray for form•Z newly enables the advanced rendering features of V-Ray 3.6 such as hybrid rendering, virtual reality (VR) support, noise elimination and more.

Users of form•Z can quickly navigate to the built-in V-Ray toolbar, from which they can fine-tune rendering settings and launch both production and interactive renders from within V-Ray’s Frame Buffer.

Some of the highlights of the new V-Ray integration include:

  • Large material library: The V-Ray material library includes over 550 materials including many variations of glass, plastic, metal, wood, stone and more. Users can also easily create custom materials by simply tweaking the parameters of the defaults, and save them for easy incorporation into future designs.
  • De-noiser: V-Ray’s de-noising technology automatically eliminates noise to decrease render times by up to 50 percent.
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer: Users can adjust render settings such as color and exposure directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer, which continuously renders a scene until users are satisfied. Users can then easily save the result as an image to share with clients or other collaborators.
  • Hybrid rendering: Users can choose to render on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, CPUs or a hybrid combination.
  • VR: With V-Ray’s VR support, users can verify their designs at 1:1 scale using VR headsets that include Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

For an introduction to the new V-Ray integration and how it’s used within form•Z, you can watch this video overview:

To learn more about software with V-Ray support, check out “Interactive 3D Presentations in One Click.”

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