IronCAD Releases Motion Simulation Extension
Phillip Keane posted on August 24, 2017 |
IronCAD releases SimWise Motion Design Extension to allow motion simulation of assemblies.

Atlanta-based CAD company IronCAD recently announced the Design Simulation Technologies’s (DST) SimWise Motion Design Extension, which will integrate flawlessly with its flagship IronCAD package.

The SimWise Motion extension adds the capability to analyze kinematics for assemblies, much in the same way as the larger and more well-known CAD packages such as SOLIDWORKS.

SimWise Motion enables the simulation of motors, actuators, gravity, contacts, springs, friction and damping, and all of the other inputs that are required for the simulation of dynamic machines.

“The SimWise Motion Design Extension gives IronCAD users a powerful way to accurately validate the motion characteristics of their designs,” said Cary O’Connor, vice president of marketing at IronCAD. “We are pleased to be working with DST to offer this extension to our community and expand IronCAD’s simulation capabilities in the process.”

IronCAD—now with added motion. (image courtesy of IronCAD.)
IronCAD—now with added motion. (image courtesy of IronCAD.)

Engineers using the extension will now be able to simulate these systems before cutting a single piece of metal, thereby saving time and money and obtaining a range of different solutions for a given problem—all at the click of a button.

After the inputs and models have been defined, the user will receive an animation to demonstrate the validity of their design and allow them to fine-tune it as needed. In addition to the animation, results plots that show displacement, velocity, acceleration and forces can be generated to gain further understanding of the system being designed.

IronCAD is currently offering a free 30-day trial of the SimWise Motion extension with full functionality, and you can get your hands on a trail version right here.

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