Luxion Releases KeyShot 7
Phillip Keane posted on August 07, 2017 |
New release of KeyShot improves UI and lighting, and offers multimaterial capability.

Luxion, the rendering software gurus, has announced the release of KeyShot 7, which includes updates that make the 3D rendering process faster and more awesome than ever before.

Animators and engineers utilizing the KeyShot 7 engine can now look forward to a host of new features, including new material types (such as clear coat and metallic materials controls) and new texture mapping methods.

KeyShot 7 also offers new lighting controls, meaning that HDR output, new environments and a new integrated HDRI Editor with interactive Sun & Sky are all added to the 3D artist’s pallet and enable the user to create renders that are so photorealistic that you might question the nature of reality itself. Check out the image below for an example of the awesomeness of the new multimaterial capability. Looks real, right?

In addition to the rendering environment tweaks, there are upgrades to the UI and workflow as well (because everyone is on the usability train nowadays, and if you’re not making things easier to use, then your product is old hat!). Consequently, the new user interface has been completely updated with new layout and hotkey customization capabilities.

Boosts to productivity come from new workflow features, including a completely new sampling method, re-tessellation, adaptive performance mode, eight new render passes and more output capabilities that are all aimed at reducing render time and letting the user get on with proper work.

“KeyShot 7 has amazing capabilities, but we were not satisfied with only adding features,” said Claus

Wann Jensen, Cofounder and CEO of Luxion. “Every one of these features and every improvement must consider the user’s workflow from import to final render—simplifying every task, providing absolute flexibility and complete control across interface, camera, materials and lighting. With the input from our users, I’m convinced we have done that with KeyShot 7.”

You can find out more about what’s new from the unsurprisingly aesthetically pleasing website at this link right here.

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