IronCAD Announces New Update for Multiphysics Extension
Phillip Keane posted on July 11, 2017 | 1544 views

MPIC is offered as part of the IronCAD 3D package and allows users to simulate across a variety of domains, including thermal, stress, electrostatic and fluid, permitting users to analyze the properties of a product before cutting metal (or whatever the material may be). The main update to the feature is focused primarily on Extended Markup Language Data (XMD) technology, which was introduced to IronCAD MPIC earlier this year, after nearly two years of development. Since the addition of XMD to IronCAD MPIC, IronCAD has been promoting the XMD technologies to all CAE/finite element analysis vendors in order to achieve further interoperability to speed up CAE adoption in design analysis. XMD significantly increases the capability of data encapsulation within the platform.

Other new upgrades to the MPIC feature include the following:

  • An updated unit system allows for flexible customization to accommodate different industries with single-button control.
  • The existing moving-least-squares FE tying has been further refined to automatically detect the intended/unintended small gaps/overlap of parts in large-assembly analysis without requiring laborious geometry modifications.
  • Analysis report improvements include direct links for easy review.

In addition to these new upgrades, a new contact/impact analysis has been implemented into the software, allowing more accurate simulation of processes such as stamping or deep-draw manufacturing by default. 

MPIC simulation of fork lift stress. (Image courtesy of IronCAD.)
MPIC simulation of fork lift stress. (Image courtesy of IronCAD.)

“MPIC continues to address the needs of mechanical CAD users by offering simulation to more users earlier in the design process,” said Cary O’Connor, vice president of marketing at IronCAD. “The latest release of MPIC makes it even easier for assembly analysis to be applied in designs. Our customers will welcome these additional improvements and the other new advances offered by MPIC.”

All of these features are included in the IronCAD 30-day trial, and once the trial has expired, the software can continue to be used, free of charge, as a node-limited variant.

You can get a trial version of IronCAD for both 32-bit and 64-bit machines right here.

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