Simulation of Metal Additive Manufacturing Now Available on HyperWorks
Phillip Keane posted on July 12, 2017 |

Fed up of inconsistencies within your metal additive manufacturing products? Altair Partner Alliance has heard your cries for help and has added Additive Works’ Amphyon to its software package.

Amphyon is designed by Additive Works, who were formed as a spin-off from the University of Bremen’s Integrated Simulation and Engineering of Materials and Processes (ISEMP) in 2015. The addition of Amphyon to the HyperWorks stable will allow users to benefit from a simulation-based approach to additive manufacturing product design, removing a large amount of guesswork that occurs when designing for such systems. Amphyon is targeted for users of metal powder bed and laser fusion processes such as selective laser sintering (SLS) and selective laser melting (SLM).

The GPU-based software will allow users to simulate and optimize designs according to part orientation, support volume and build time as well as enabling the outputs from distortion simulations to compensate for anomalies and improve the final design by adding “pre-deformation” to the STL file.

Comparison of simulated and measured deformation. (Image courtesy of HyperWorks)
Comparison of simulated and measured deformation. (Image courtesy of HyperWorks)

“Amphyon was designed to replace the experiment driven development of build-up strategies in laser beam melting with simulations and geometry analyses,” said Dr. Nils Keller, co-founder & CEO of Additive Works.

“Due to the numerically calculated knowledge about process-induced thermal and mechanical loads, the build-up process can already be optimized on the level of pre-processing. This will save HyperWorks users a lot of resources and additionally enhance the part quality as well as the level of automation.”

Some of the main features of Amphyon include:

  • Virtual build chamber of all common laser beam melting AM-machines
  • Calculation of the optimal orientation of a part in the build chamber respecting customizable criteria
  • Laser Beam Melting Process Simulation
  • Quick experiment-based calibration for new and existing materials
  • Calculation of stresses, strains and part deformation
  • Generation and export of a deformed or pre-deformed STL file
  • Export of Path Plots, History Plots and Video files


Amphyon is available through the Altair Partner Alliance. For more information on the software package, click this link.

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