MSC Software Acquires Autonomous Vehicle Validation and Simulation Software
Erin Winick posted on June 07, 2017 |
MSC adds to its automotive software solutions.
OpenDrive by VIRES. (Image courtesy of VIRES.)
OpenDrive by VIRES. (Image courtesy of VIRES.)

In line with its focus on the automotive CAE industry, MSC Software has recently acquired VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH, a leading provider of software for the development, testing and validation of automated driving, driver assistance and active safety systems. As autonomous vehicles continue to be at the forefront of technological development for the automotive industry, this acquisition allows MSC to provide the tools that the automotive industry needs moving forward.

Founded in 1996, VIRES has evolved from a services company for 3D content to a full-scale product provider with attached services. VIRES’ key product is the tool suite “VIRES Virtual Test Drive,” around which a range of tools and services are centered. 

“Our strategic direction is well aligned with MSC’s vision for autonomous vehicle simulation,” said Marius Dupuis, managing director of VIRES. “MSC provides the global footprint that we need to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for our products and services.”

VIRES’ customer list includes prominent automotive original equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as recent entrants into the automotive business and universities worldwide. VIRES is a primary contributor and partner in projects for the automotive industry, including OpenDRIVE, OpenCRG and OpenSCENARIO, which established standards for road networks, road surfaces and the definition of dynamic content. The company also provides its software to firms that simulate railway and aircraft performance.

“We are only in the very early days of testing with confidence vehicles that need to reach ‘level 5’ autonomy,” said Dominic Gallello, president and CEO of MSC Software. “There are still many challenges to be solved, much technology to be invented and many more orders of magnitude of simulations to be performed than what is currently being done today.”

OpenCRG by VIRES. (Image courtesy of VIRES.)
OpenCRG by VIRES. (Image courtesy of VIRES.)

In addition to its acquisition of VIRES, MSC has also shown a recent focus on bolstering its automotive simulation tools with expansions of its software, like Adams, which allows engineering teams to build and test functional virtual prototypes of complete vehicles and vehicle subsystems.

“VIRES’ outstanding environmental simulation technology fits perfectly into our overall strategy of connecting the offline, real-time, big data and analytics technology chain,” Gallello said. “With this acquisition, we will enable vehicles that not only are safe, but also retain the special driving characteristics of their brands.”

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