Adams Simulates Drilling Dynamics, Operations and Errors
Shawn Wasserman posted on May 16, 2017 |
MSC and Pioneer Natural update Adams for oil and gas industry.
Engineers in the oil and gas industry will be happy to see that MSC’s Adams computer-aided engineering (CAE) software is in the process of being configured to simulate drilling dynamics, operations and faults. The hope is that this future release, dubbed Adams Drill, will be the fruit from a partnership between MSC Software and Pioneer Natural Resources.

“We’re very excited about the potential for Adams Drill,” said Chris Cheatwood, chief technology officer at Pioneer. “This software allows us to simulate drilling an entire well from start to finish, monitoring a range of new parameters we’ve never had access to before. This lets us test multiple designs in parallel and compare the results side by side to hone in quickly on the optimal configuration for each well.”

Pioneer is helping to bring this software to light by offering their experiences as simulation users and oil and gas developers to MSC. Additionally, the company is gathering its real-world data taken from recording subs that are monitoring a drill string in various configurations. The resulting ground truth measurements are being compared to the simulation results to verify the accuracy of the software.

With this knowledge from Pioneer, MSC’s developers are optimizing the Adams simulation software for the oil and gas operations. As a result, with Adams Drill, engineers can now control:

  • Drill string components;
  • Operating conditions and parameters;
  • Wellbore geometry;
  • Lithology and
  • Control algorithms.

Additionally, MSC is promising that the tool will have a democratization aspect thanks to an updated user interface (UI). This UI will show oil and gas users an interface that will depict inputs and results in formats they are more comfortable with. In other words, this is sounding more and more like a job-specific CAE tool powered by Adams under the hood.

“MSC has a proven track record of providing physics-based dynamic modeling to the automotive and aerospace industries, and this is a unique opportunity for us to help bring the same capability to U.S. onshore independent operators,” explained Cheatwood.

To learn more about Adams, check out the MSC Adams forum on

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